#737 Mist in the morning is earth's morning breath..

Winter is a time when the air is crisp, with magical light and sunsets, lush frozen green foliage and a place that can be breath taking with its stillness. It makes me love winter on a whole new level. I love taking photographs in winter, the light, the shadows, the mist, the fog oh it is just divine. Apart from winter landscapes, Winter is the one time of year you can get away with staying in your sweatpants all day and never leaving the house. 

With the sweeping subzero temperatures that some have been experiencing these past few weeks it can be even unbearable to go outside. So here are some productive activities to fill your weekends. Whilst not my favourite things to do on winter weekends, it saves the butt sitting and binging shows on Netflix. 

Get a jump-start on your spring cleaning this month by clearing out your closet. You can sort through your wardrobe and decide what to keep and donate, then create a new system for organization as you put everything back. Whether you sort by style type or color, you’ll feel so refreshed being able to find everything so easily. 

While you’re in the cleaning mood, you might as well reorganize your desk! We recommend clearing it off and only keeping the items that you use on a regular basis on the desktop — everything else should go in a drawer or filing cabinet!  

For those that are looking forward to Spring Break, it does tend to sneak up, so it’s better to start planning now. Start dreaming of warmer days by choosing a location, booking a trip and determining what you’ll need to buy ahead of time (hello, new swimwear 

As I sit back against the cozy fire, and look out at the amazing new Garden Conservatory from Merak which I showcase for you today. 

So, what are you waiting for, come take a walk to our destinations for today: -  

Destinations: Sense Event, Zerkalo 

[Merak] - Garden Conservatory with snow - (New) @ Sense Event  
zerkalo ] Let it Snow - Bucket w/snow - (New) @ The Gacha Garden 
hive // birch tree [large]; 
hive // fir tree snowy; 
"Moon Sha" Frozen Dead Tree 2 (Only Decor);
-Garden- by anc "secret garden" ROSE {goth/poison};  
Apple Fall Apiary Bee Hive White (Short); 
Soy. A Snow Covered Cliff [Flat] for large use; 


#736 Hold me, hold me tonight..

Sun lights up the day time;
You light up my life;
The hand that calls you forward;
Is the hand that leaves me behind;
And I stand on the ocean shore;
Like an old black and white movie;
Love is, love is lost, again tonight;
Hold me, hold me tonight;
Hold me, hold me tonight...

Showcasing the gorgeous new building created for you by Scarlet Creative, called "Jardiniere Cottage" available right now at Collabor88.

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Destinations: - Collabor88

Scarlet Creative Jardiniere Cottage - Collabor88
[Breno] A Fishing Getaway- Boat RARE
34_8f8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Mailbox
[ keke ] twinkling lights log - driftwood
Winter Larch 02 C/M
HPMD* Garden Tree08 with Lights - snowy c
[DDD] Overgrown Plank Pathway - Gentle Left (Large)

Pic created at: Mystical Fae Forest - with the additional items above and my own windlight.


#735 Pick of the day..

What a surprise I had to the start of 2018, that I had been picked by LTD for the 'Pick of the Day'.
Thankyou so much Love to Decorate for the amazing award.

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Destination:- Love to Decorate


#734 Are you ready for a new sensation....

Have you decided to host a party to bring in the New Year with some of your nearest and dearest? It can be a bit of pressure to make sure you have everything from decorations to sparklers for the countdown. You may have decided to not hold a party but to have a quiet one at home and spend the time with your loved one, or calling it early for the night.  

New Year's Eve, with its emphasis on romance and indulgence, with all that glitter and sparkle is an ancient holiday with deep spiritual roots. For centuries, and in similar ways, people have been observing the end of one year and the beginning of another. Ancient Romans celebrated with six days of carousing that would probably be familiar to us today. St. Boniface, a missionary from England who visited Rome in 742, was appalled at how the Romans celebrated ''Kalends of January'', as the New Year was called, with "dancing in the streets, heathenish cries, sacrilegious songs, tables laden with food and women wearing amulets and offering them for sale." 

While each culture's New Year celebration has its own flavor, there are certain common themes. The period leading up to New Year's Day is a time for setting things straight: a thorough housecleaning, paying off debts, returning borrowed objects, reflecting on one's shortcomings, mending quarrels, giving alms. In many cultures, people jump into the sea or a local body of water-literally washing the slate clean.  In some towns in Italy, I've been told, you have to watch out for falling objects, as people shove their old sofas, chairs and even refrigerators out of their windows on New Year's Eve. 

Everything you do on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day is freighted with significance for the future. The American custom of spending the night with the one you love and kissing them at midnight insures that the relationship will flourish during the coming year.  

The coming of the new year is a time for reflection, of hope and love, and a time for everyone to celebrate one night of peace, hope, reflection and happiness.

Wishing you all a very safe and Happy New Year!!! <3 

Showcasing the awesome new works available now from some amazing designers. 
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Destinations: - District20The Trunk Show UberSaNaRae 

Granola. Avalon's Sofa Pear - (New) @  District20 
Granola. Avalon's Table. - (New) @  District20 
Granola. Avalon's Candles. - (New)  District20 
Granola. Avalon's Faux Fur Rug. - (New) @ District20 
:CP: Katherine Napkin - (New) @  District20 
:CP: Katherine Mugs - (New) @  District20 
:CPHomeroad Planter- (New) @   District20 
(CW):. Viviana 02 - Wedding bridal bouquet - (New) @ The Trunk Show  
{Petite Maison} LED Wreath - (New) @ The Trunk Show  
MudHoney Grace Vine - (New) @ The Trunk Show  
Winter Frost Cake by Elite Sweets - (New) @ The Trunk Show  
hive // celebration balloons floor - (New) @ Uber 
hive // celebration balloons A . silver - (New) @ Uber 
hive // celebration balloons A . rose gold  - (New) @ Uber 
* Happy 2018 * Green Decoration 2 - (New) @ SaNaRae 
:::ChicChica::: Wine Corked 
keke ] silver forks  - (New) @ Shiny Shabby
keke ] hogweed shimmer maxi 
keke ] bell jar . winter  - (New) @ Shiny Shabby
keke ] rainfall glitter . 7 LI 
.Shi : Cacao Truffles Platter 
.Shi : Vintage Flatware . Silver 
*LODE* Head Accessory - Hibiscus Babybreath Wreath 
dust bunny . wanderlust . ivy covered piano  
04 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Passageway 
13 -DRD- Garden Party - Box on it's own 
HPMD* Garden Vine02 - snowy / arrangeG 
Refuge - Spark Lamp Shimmer Gold Larger 
ld champagne glass v3 - no bubbles 
Apple Fall Scented Candle 
*aliriumDwarfForest [OldGold] 
ROOST - String Lights