#699 Always by your side..

Look around your classrooms, offices, or even dorm rooms. Nowadays, emotional support animals can be seen almost anywhere along side their beloved owners. These animals which are typically dogs or cats can provide emotional support to their owners who may need it for any number of reasons...

If you’ve had a stressful day at work, returning home to your beloved animal to cuddle up next to on the sofa may provide the ease and relaxation you need after a long day.. They seem to be always by your side.

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#31 - Addams - Helene Tiara (New) @ The Epiphany;
#5 - Addams // Helene Babydoll // Maitreya (New) @ The Epiphany;
.Entwined. Leah / Naturals (New) @ The Epiphany;
Glam Affair - Beth Lipstick for Catwa Heads - SET 5 (New) @  The Epiphany;
Ana Poses - Oslo 1 - (New) @ Shiny Shabby.

#698 The weight of the world...

There's the devil on your back, Worry on your mind,
Weight of the world on your shoulders;
Don't look back, don't waste time..Everything's gonna be just fine...

Do you have what I call, “Weight of the World Syndrome”?
How tightly are you gripping life?  
Does it feel like the moment you relax everything will crumble around you?
Are you afraid that if you let off the gas even a little you will end up disappointing those you love?  Does it feel like the weight of all that is in your world – falls squarely on your shoulders?

So how do you take the weight of the world off your shoulders.. 
Start noticing (and expanding) all that you don’t have to manage. Managing and caring for all aspects of life is technically impossible. Start paying attention to the minor (and major) details that you don’t have to manage.  

Notice what happens when you let yourself off the hook even a little.
It isn’t your responsibility to make the sun rise and set each day.

Flowers bloom, trees grow, the wind blows, without your telling them to do so. 
There are lots of other ways that life moves forward – in your own world – without your involvement. Experiment with letting other duties fall into this category and start to let go a little each day.

People aren’t ever going to pick up the slack if they think you have it covered.

There is a whole other life to live outside of doing.

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Ana poses - Tokyo 5.

#697 The fragrance of flowers soothes the heart and mind..

It turns out that the 1960s activists who chanted “flower power” were onto something important, in more ways than they probably knew. Flowers, just like peace, are good for our mental health.

For example: - Why do we bring patients flowers in hospital, have you ever thought about that. Is it because of the cold serene feeling when you walk into the hospital that you want to brighten the room, or is it to make the person feel better from the flowers. 

If flowers and plants do so many good things for hospital patients, they must make your day at least a little better as well. I don’t know about you, but the smell of fresh flowers I find intoxicating, the hint of Spring, the sweet delicious aroma of lavender and herbs makes my day feel brighter. Flowers and plants in your home have positive psychological payback. Think of them as part of your mental health treatment program.

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#696 Oh how the year's go by..

Oh how the years go by;
Oh how the love brings tears to my eyes;
All through the changes, the soul never dies;
We got lost and we got found; We laughed and we cried;
Oh how the years go by..
(listen to video below)..

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[ zerkalo ] Beginning of the Day - Newspapers;
dust bunny . wanderlust . ivy apothecary cabinet;
Serenity Style- Nostalgia Book.

#695 All the light we cannot see..

Simply put: - We need to remember to “Open our eyes to the beauty around us, don't stress on the parts we cannot change, the indifferent, the negativity that we hear, the people that want to change us as it makes them feel better.

To open our mind to the wonders of life, open our heart to those who love or need you, and always be true to yourself.”.. To feel sympathy for those who want us to conform to their world. To be brave and be true to yourself for who you are and/or what you want to be.

You think you know me better;
Standing where you are;
But I have tried to tell you;
That I don't know where you are
Do you feel bigger?
Do you feel better now?
'Cause I don't feel better now.
And all the light we cannot see;
I won't ever take it from you now;
Take it from you now.
And all the light we cannot see;
I'm no better, better than you now;
I'm no better than you now.
And all the light we cannot see..

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Pic: Taken at Thereafter


#694 Each day I live I want it to be a day to give..

I can honestly say I am not a materialist person. I do dream for the luxury car, the wallet that is always full, the latest electrical items that have just been released in store, and not to mention the best damn computer that money can buy when it comes to graphics.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to have the best of the best? 
I have noticed my friends buy items just for the sake of having the latest equipment. I honestly do not believe they need it, and find myself wondering why they constantly keep upgrading their lounge when it is only 1 year old, their dining suite when it is perfect, and their television when it is working fine and much larger than mine.
In saying the above, one of my annoying materialistic habits, is to buy something small and then use it for a while –the Knick knacks you pick up sometimes for e.g.: the stupid gimmicks to help you cut up salad easy... You know that one. (Insert roll eyes here).  You see them showing you at a store, and you think wow I could use that, wouldn’t it be great to have. So you purchase it, curse at the expense later for being sucked in again, use it for a while and then store it into a corner cupboard and forget about it. So why do I buy it?

So I decided it was time to give back to others. Empty that overloaded corner cupboard and give back to others who may be looking for that one particular item. Upon emptying the cupboard I had in total approx. 30 Knicks knacks of assortments, bowls and plates I had not used for over 5 years, and 2 coffee machines that still worked…and much much more.
I organized a garage sale and everything sold. I didn’t ask much for the items, hardly anything really, but felt great about the Spring Cleaning (Spring here in Australia) and giving away items to people that need it. It made me decide that the corner cupboard was just the start and now to that annoying linen cupboard. To all of you with that annoying cupboard, or items that can be put to good use, it is time to give back and appreciate what you have and how you can help others.

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